Trainer Spotlight: Brie Helmuth

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

I discovered for myself how beneficial exercise could be in conditioning for dance and wanted to share this passion of movement with others.

As a personal trainer, I have the privilege to educate people about their bodies. It is my responsibility to instruct clients how to develop strength and balance, so that they can live life aware of how they move. I also teach people how to find joy through movement through unconventional exercises, like swinging steel to build abs!

How do the benefits of physical training in the gym translate into everyday life? 

I feel more confident having a body that I know is physically strong and able.

What is your favorite part of being a personal trainer?

I love teaching what I have learned to others. It lights me up to see people try a new exercises that helps them feel great.

What is your sport or training modality of choice?

Dance and swinging clubbells is my modality of choice.

Seriously, if you want to try something new and add some fun to your routine while getting stronger; check out the Clubbell!

I see people transform in one hour and help them discover just how powerful they are. People you are machines, and the beautiful thing about you is that you continue to grow and develop each day based off of your experiences. Ok this is deep, I know, take it as you will, but remember one thing:

You matter.

If you could tell some brand new to fitness ONE thing, what would it be?

One of the most difficult parts of learning something new is the vulnerability we experience from putting ourselves “out there.” New clients tend to make similar remarks regarding what has prevented them from seeking a trainer before: they felt nervous about being the center of attention; they were scared of being judged if they couldn't perform a certain way; or they simply didn't have time to train as frequently as they thought they needed to get results.

I'd tell someone new to magine that one thing you want for your acknowledge that you can have that through exercise!

Train your body to move better.

What is a mover? World-renowned movement artist and teacher, Ido Portal says a mover is:

“Someone who sees beyond the technicalities of each movement, pursuit, or discipline. Someone who finds interest and wishes to understand the body, health, performance and physical artistic expression.”

We can easily isolate muscles and build strength that positively impacts our musculoskeletal function. The magic lies in moving from isolation to integration.

In dynamic movement training, when we challenge the function of the entire system.  We can move with coordination and open up the possibility to explore some new forms and abilities within your body.

Try single leg balance, integrating foot to core sequencing. Then, once mastered, hold onto a ball, add a twist, or hinge at your hips.

Got planks mastered? Feel your core burning with no interference from your back, shoulders, or hips? Add a bear crawl!

What makes you unique?

I use breakdance and fun movement to help clients break out of their shell and learn to love exercise!

As a breakdancer, I understand how scary it can feel to be the center of attention. Everyone has to start somewhere, and my first dance battle was completely nerve wracking! In fact, it still is!

Even taking the first step to initiate training for such an event is huge, and it is a thoughtful process. It meant that I had to recognize and accept where I was, in that moment. Also that while I could acknowledge the feeling of uncertainty and the voice of fear; I didn’t have to let those be guiding parameters within which to live my life. Over time, I learned that stumbles, falls, and imperfect performances did not break my spirit, nor lead to shame or embarrassment. Instead they just became a natural, human part of my journey, and the reality of where I am at.

I always have in my mind’s eye what I want my move to look like, ideally; but I don’t hold it against myself if I don’t hit the move on the head. That move does not have me!

The feeling of uncertainty slowly shifted to a feeling of self-trust, and the joy that I found in movement continued to grow as a result. I have learned to begin accepting my journey rather than becoming frustrated in what it is I think I don’t have. I learned to set my own parameters with training and with life, and have found that advising my clients to do the same, led to their continued commitment to their programming, health, and wellness.

It’s all about small gains, while setting realistic goals that impact the lifestyle.

By acting as an advocate for what is functional and best for you, you help to create lasting, sustainable change in the body and mind.

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