Trainer Spotlight: Jamece Grey

Jamece Grey

Age: 35


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Physical Therapist Assistant

Pilates Mat Certified

TRX - Functional Training Qualified



What inspired you to become a personal trainer? Tell us about your fitness journey. Were you always athletic? Did you discover fitness later in life?


I believe I started my fitness journey later in life since never participated in an organized team sport. Movement was limited to me as a child. I was the only girl playing football with the boys on the block. I’d also participate in after school activities, such as dance or volleyball programs, which only ran for a few weeks.

Once I entered high school, I decided to join the cheerleading squad. With some resistance from my father, I "rebelled" and tried out. I loved the fact cheerleading is part dance and stepping, and I got to meet a great group of people who loved the same things I did. I loved moving my body to music and challenging my body to perfect a dance routine. It was very difficult in the beginning due to muscle soreness, but I enjoyed the work, so I continued to practice. Just a few months in, I noticed how I mentally and emotionally felt better. Physical changes began to happen in my body.

My high school had the benefit of having a local physical therapist on staff to help players with injuries. I became curious as to what type of work a physical therapist actually did and how it can help others.  From then, I knew I wanted to be involved with movement and exercise.


How do the benefits of physical training in the gym translate into everyday life?


We take for granted activities we do in our everyday life, from climbing subway stairs, to walking several blocks with two 20lb grocery bags. I train in the gym to be able to conquer tasks in the sport called LIFE. When I take 1-2 hours out of my day to practice pushing, pulling, or picking heavy things up from the floor, it’s a mental game. I have to problem solve how to get my body to move efficiently to move from one point to another. The gym is also a place where I release stress and deal with any issues I may be going through.


What are your favorite parts of being a personal trainer?


My favorite parts of being a personal trainer are helping clients achieve their goals and problem solving. Sometimes my client and I have to find solutions together as to why they might have discomfort with certain movements. We find the best way for their body to  move.


What is your sport or training modality of choice?


I love to try a little bit of everything. I train with kettlebells and suspension straps (TRX). I practice and teach Pilates, a little bit of yoga, Kinstretch, and kickboxing.  I recently discover powerlifting and I LOVE IT. It’s so humbling and gratifying to see how my body can gain strength with practice and patience.


If you could tell some brand new to fitness ONE thing, what would it be?

Wow... there're so many things to say, but if I only have one, it would be, “FOCUS, but have fun.”


What makes you unique?


I believe I interact with my clients differently. Training should not be one sided. Input from both parties is necessary. I don't just tell clients what to do. We have conversations on the reasons and purpose of the movements being performed. I want to know their thoughts and feelings, so that together, we can overcome any barriers keeping them from achieving their goals.


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