Traveling? Pack these 3 Tools.

Staying on top of your workouts when you travel doesn’t need to feel like a burden!

Before you leave for a trip, throwing a few small pieces of equipment like resistance bands and a lacrosse ball can help keep you on a routine whether you have access to a gym or not!

Equipment: Theraband

A thera-band fits into the back pocket of a pair of jeans - and can be used for plenty of exercises for glutes, hip and rotator cuff strength and stability.



Lateral Band Walks

Forward Band Walks

Backward Band Walks


Reverse Clamshells

Outward Rotations

Equipment: Resistance Band

A large looped resistance can easily slide into limited packing space, and can offer a full body workout.





Bent Over Row

Tricep Extension

Bicep Curls

Overhead Press

Chest Press

Equipment: Lacrosse Ball 

It’s unlikely that a full size foam roller will fit into your luggage, but you can still loosen up those tight muscles post travel with a lacrosse ball, which fits much more easily into a travel bag. Here’s how to use a lacrosse ball for self-myofascial release.


Place the ball either on the floor, or on the wall. Press the area of your body up against the ball, and gently lean into your tight muscle.  The pressure of the ball on the muscle will help with blood circulation, and then also stimulate the muscle to release.  Hold for 7 to 20 seconds, and roll around the tight area as well. Always roll on muscles, never directly on top of joints, bones, or bony ridges.

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