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What Is a Fitness Assessment?

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or have never set foot in a gym in your life; here at Pongo Power, you get a Free Fitness Assessment prior to any training. Why is that? Because everybody and every body is unique. 

This free, 55-minute appointment allows us to talk about your interests, goals, and personal roadblocks — the things that brought you to us in the first place!

The very words 'fitness assessment' may be intimidating. Today we are answering common questions about what a fitness assessment at Pongo Power is and why it is so important.

Now that our team of personal trainers is working with clients on Zoom, you can do a fitness assessment and exercise in the privacy and comfort of your own home. We are here for you.


What is a Pongo Power Fitness Assessment? 

A Pongo Power fitness assessment provides time to share what you are looking for in a personal training program. It gives us the opportunity to learn more about your health history, and to see how you move naturally. Through this process, we can build a program that is designed specifically for you, your lifestyle, and your goals. 

A fitness assessment is not: a test, judgment, or criticism.

Your BMI will not be calculated, a skin-fold measurement will not be conducted and you will not be weighed or measured. 

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Why is a Fitness Assessment so Important? 

In order for anyone to create safe, effective, and unique programming, they must first conduct a health history and movement assessment. It would be impossible to create a program designed specifically for you and your specific needs without it.

At Pongo Power, we value your unique interests and understand that the best way to build a life-long relationship with wellness, is to find a routine that is effective, exciting, and safe.


Components of a Fitness Assessment

Our 55-minute free fitness assessment will be on a day and time that works best for you and is comprised of a health history questionnaire, a discussion about your interests, some movements, (nothing crazy!), and a discussion of your results. Let's break it down: 

Tell us about yourself. The first part of our fitness assessment is for you to tell us about yourself. In order to create a program that works for you, we need to know about you! What do you like to do? We want to know what experience you have with fitness and movement, what has and hasn't worked for you in the past, and what you are looking for now. Each person has their own wellness story and their own unique reasons for seeking personal training. Tell us all about yours!

You will complete a brief Health History Questionnaire as a starting point for this discussion. While taking the first step of walking in the door or signing onto a zoom call can be intimidating, it is absolutely essential for us to get to know you and see how you move so we can create a program that is safe, effective, and enjoyable for you.

Let us see how you move naturally. The next step is for us to guide you through some movements so we are able to see how you move naturally. Through observing which muscles are tight, and which muscles are weak we can create programming that helps to lengthen up the tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones. This is not strenuous and it is not a workout. After listening to your health history and background, we will be able to adjust any movements so they are appropriate for you.

Tying it all together. We will have a conversation that will let us create a plan tailored specifically for you, your body, and your lifestyle. You have told us your goals. We have seen how your body moves.  At this point, we can start a conversation about how to achieve your goals in a way that works within your lifestyle. A training program that is sustainable has to be something that fits into your lifestyle and that you enjoy. It is absolutely essential that you and your trainer discuss this plan together so the right program can be created.

Meet the Author

Kristen Latteri

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

PROnatal Certified


Kristen is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer who also holds a master's degree in social work from Fordham University. Her strong interest in the interconnectedness between physical health and mental well-being led her to pursue a career in personal training. Kristen works to promote healthy and happy lifestyles by coaching her clients through safe and fun workouts designed to help them achieve their personal goals.

Growing up as a competitive figure skater and ice hockey player, movement and physical fitness have always played a central role in Kristen's life. She is an avid snowboarder and enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and biking with her family.

“I love helping my clients reach their wellness goals by designing fitness programs that can be incorporated into a balanced lifestyle. My goal is to make working out a fun part of your routine!”

If you'd like to train with Kristen, you can send her an email:  kristen@pongopower.com

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