“Flow” is the state of being fully immersed and present in your activity.  A flow activity can be writing an annual report, playing a tennis match, working skillfully on an art project, or performing three sets of resistance exercise. In this article, we are going to explain what flow is and how you can achieve flow in our training program, Flow Yo’ Mojo.


Feeling “flow” is akin to feeling “in the zone,” that moment when you have little effort in a challenging exercise or at work. It’s the mental state of ease during activity. In flow, we discover that exercise shapes both your body and your mind, cultivating physical, mental, and social states of ease.


Author and Psychologist, Mihaly Csikezentmihalyi says in his .book Flow, The Psychology of Optimal Experience, that “When a normal physical function, like running, is performed in a socially designed, goal-directed setting with rules that offer challenges and require skills, it turns into a flow activity” p.95

There is usually a period of 6-8 weeks in the process of learning a new skill and developing this new skill as a flow activity. Once the skill is developed, with excellent technique, there is less effort expended and flow is achieved.


Why flow?

Flow state enables us to expand as human beings. It breaks us out of our routine and challenges us to develop. When we learn something new, in a goal-oriented setting, we are pushed to exceed. This does not necessarily happen naturally, but rather we must learn a new skill.


What is Flow Yo’ Mojo?

In Flow Yo’ Mojo we challenge your ability to unleash your potential energy and power through a sequence of bodyweight and clubbell resistance training exercises. The exercise incorporates flexibility, mobility, yoga flow, and strength. This program was specifically designed to increase instances of “flow” through challenging your body to exercise in new and underdeveloped ways. In learning and mastering these new movements, your body will physically and mentally develop.


How does Flow Yo’ Mojo work?

We start with a movement analysis to see how your body already moves. Then, we design a workout program to emphasize what you can already do and expand on that with new exercises that challenge your nervous system to develop.


The steps in the process of flow are :

  1. To set an overall goal.
  2. Measure progress.
  3. Concentrate on doing the exercise and make adjustments as needed for best technique.
  4. Develop skills for progress.


How can Flow state help teams work more efficiently?

  • Relationship building
  • Group encouragement for improved physical and mental health
  • Goal setting and greater performance and daily accomplishment


Benefit Individuals?

  • Healthy lifestyle = healthy relationships
  • New level of physical accomplishment
  • Supportive one-on-one coaching


Come in today to learn more about how Flow Yo' Mojo can increase your productivity and ease.

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