What Makes a Good Personal Trainer?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a good personal trainer?

At Pongo Power, one of our core principles is centered around the need for individual programming. There are certain corrective exercises and abdominal activation drills that all clients are taught to master in order to lay a strong foundation from which to build on. Those movement patterns are intertwined with one another, and as a result,  there are even more specific exercises, for each client’s individual issues, conditions, bodies, and goals.

If you are completely new to personal training (or fitness in general), it can be hard to know what to look for in a good trainer. Just because someone tells you they can help you lose X amount of pounds or build bigger biceps, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a good coach, or capable of creating individual programming.

The ideal person to work with, is someone who will be able to tailor a program for you, and your needs. The ideal person is not there just to count reps; but rather, to coach you through the prescribed movements to make sure you are performing the motion correctly. It’s not just the exercise selection that matters, it’s also the exercise execution. If a client comes in with neck pain from having slept wrong; is the trainer able to alter their programming, to not only work around the issue, but also work with the issue? Meaning, a good trainer will create a program that will help to circumvent and decrease future neck pain. Also, qualified trainers monitor the client at all times; they include proper cueing; and thereby ensure that the execution of the program, is on point.


If you have some experience working with a personal trainer, in the past, at a big box gym; you may have been put on one of their cookie cutter programs. It can be fairly standard in chain gyms to have all clients follow the same program. Most personal trainers at those gyms are brand-new to the profession. Big, chain gyms are quite often where trainers initially learn how to train clients.


At Pongo Power, our specialists come with years of experience in movement and sports; often with have degrees in exercise science, and certifications, that require months and months of study (more on that in an upcoming post). We are comprised of career movement specialists, exercise scientists, and coaches.

Pongo Power personal trainers are committed to the field, and to helping others. It’s with this knowledge that we are able to create and implement the best possible programs, designed specifically for you and your goals!

Come in for a free fitness assessment. We’ll have you answer some health history questions. We’ll talk about your past, present, and future fitness levels and goals. After this, we guide you through a brief movement analysis to observe how your body moves. Which muscles are tight and overactive? Which muscles are weak, and need strengthening? From there, you decide if the Pongo Power community is a good fit for your lifestyle.

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