What Makes Pongo Power Trainers Unique?

What Makes Pongo Power Trainers Unique?

With so many movement, fitness, exercise - whatever you want to call it - options out there it can be hard to decipher what makes one program more ideal for you than another.

Why do people choose Pongo Power?

How have we grown from a one woman show- ahem, hello Elizabeth Pongo!- to a team of 20 dedicated professionals who are working with clients all over the country?

KB Squat

When you step inside a chain restaurant or cafe, you are likely in there because you know what to expect. Good or bad - it's familiar.

You know what to expect: it’ll be cheap, it’ll be easy, and what you’re served will be nearly identical to what was served to the person before you. There's no emphasis on tailoring the experience just for you. 

Large fast food chains often build their success on consistency and remain successful when their customers know exactly what to expect. It has a lot less to do with the actual quality of the product you're receiving. Funny as it may seem, personal training is not so different.

When your individual goals aren’t reflected in your programming, and the results you're looking for never show up, you can find yourself frustrated, wanting to quit, and reconsidering if exercise is "for you."

While there are plenty of big box gyms bursting at the seams with personal trainers claiming to be ready and motivated to take you on as a client, they’re not necessarily as “personal” as you may be hoping for.

Because of the corporate structure at many of these large-scale gyms, the trainers are often encouraged to focus on the quantity of clients on their roster, as opposed to the quality and effectiveness of their programming. 

This can lead to unfortunate scenarios like two or more people, with entirely different goals, working with the same trainer, who prescribes them the same program that’s actually left over from a previous client!

When your individual goals aren’t reflected in your programming, and the results you're looking for never show up, you can find yourself frustrated, wanting to quit, and reconsidering if exercise is "for you."

Don't get me wrong: there are plenty of awesome trainers at these gyms. It's simply that the structure that is put in place doesn't set the trainers - or the clients - up for success.

At Pongo Power we put your specific needs front and center from the moment we start working with you.

Every step of the way, our programming is custom-designed and adaptable to each individual’s goals and challenges.

What’s so special about Pongo Power is that not only are we a team of personal trainers all certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine; but each trainer comes with years of experience and a wide range of specializations- from Barefoot Training, to Performance Optimization, to Brain Health Training, and much more. Continuing education in sports science, contributing to an ever-expanding knowledge base amongst our trainers, is part of our foundation.

At Pongo Power, our team collaborates to ensure every trainer is prepared, confident, and excited to work with each client. We build programming centered squarely on our clients' needs, goals, and challenges in a safe and effective way. 

So when you’re looking for a fitness option, it may be tempting to take the “big box" option. But choosing familiarity over substance will likely leave you feeling ultimately unsatisfied.

Meet the Author

Matthew Foley

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Growing up, Matthew Foley struggled with his weight and often felt at a loss about how to lose it. Although he was active in boxing and karate since the age of five, he always seemed to be ten to fifteen pounds overweight. As his insecurity grew, Matthew was at the gym more and more, burning himself out and having a hard time getting to the gym. The breakthrough finally
came when Matthew let go of the pressure and began working out to find joy in who he is in the moment: not obsess over what he wasn’t yet. This clearer mindset led to an interest in working out smarter, not harder. He learned then that starting back with the basics and developing an individual routine leads to more consistent improvements and recovery.

Through his own weight-loss journey, Matthew discovered he wanted to spark the same love of fitness that he found in himself in others, and went on to achieve his NASM personal trainer certification. He has spent the past two years helping clients of different ages, experience and handicaps gain flexibility, strength and endurance. More than anything, Matthew believes fitness is for everyone as long as they have the dedication, know-how and space to do so. As a personal trainer Matthew is dedicated to keep his clients safe, informed and remind them that they’re already doing a good job just by being dedicated.

“To me, the hardest part about going to the gym is getting to the gym. That’s why we have to remember to celebrate the small victories. When you wake up dreading a workout but stay committed to a routine you deserve to feel proud. It’s about being consistent not intense: smarter not harder.”

If you'd like to train with Matthew, you can reach him at matthew@pongopower.com

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