Why Flow Yo Mojo? The Difference Between Coaching and Classic Training

Have you been committed to the same fitness routine for more than 6 weeks? Perhaps you have created a weekly schedule: cycling on Monday mornings, strength training on Wednesdays, and yoga on Sundays.  In the beginning there is a noticeable change, both mentally and physically. Over the course of the 6 weeks, the body is adapting. Once the body adapts, we experience a fitness plateau. The benefit of a routine is that we are maintaining our strength.  The flip side, is that after the body adapts, unless new information is introduced, the results are static.

A plateau refers to a period of time, in which results have leveled off. When it comes to health and fitness, this can manifest in various ways. The most noticeable plateaus are stasis in flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Changing up a routine is necessary in order to expand results. 

At Pongo Power we offer support to our clients in creating proper program design, that enables the body to get off the plateau, and achieve the next level.  This is a part of every program here. In this blog I’m going to share with you, how we accomplish this developmental metamorphosis on a transformational level, with a Coaching Program, like Flow Yo’ Mojo.

Flow Yo’ Mojo with Coach Brie Helmuth, first identifies faulty movement patterns that may lead to repetitive stress injuries and micro-traumas. This is part of Classic Personal Training, as well. Too, what is distinctive about Flow Yo' Mojo, and why is having a coach different than Classic Training?

Flow Yo' Mojo incorporates aspects of physical and mental development that enhance flow state. Through adding dynamic movements, three-dimensional strength training, and integrated core strength throughout your day, Flow Yo' Mojo bridges the gap between your workout at the gym, and your daily living.

This program is for anyone who’d like to advance their training routine, see increases in flexibility and strength, and have a life with consistent and effective exercise. It is true, that Classic Personal Training also offers these benefits. Flow Yo' Mojo is distinctive in that it offers daily exercise routines that range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, with varying intensity cycles, so that you can be physical and exercise six days a week, without overtraining.  Flow Yo' Mojo includes one personal training session per week, as well as video-coaching calls offsite, to monitor your progress and goals outside of the gym.

In the beginning, the program is mentally and physically tough. You are not only learning new movements, you are also being coached in how to integrate a new training schedule into your entire life. Both your mind and body will be adapting.

We score each day’s workout by rating the technique, effort, and difficulty, through 1 to 10 point rating scales: one, being the least technically sound, least effort, and little difficulty; to ten, being the most technically sound, most effort, and most difficult. This provides a gauge for when and where we need to add progressions, so you see the results you’re looking for. By the end of the cycle, the workout is less difficult and technique is much better, so you can move through the once-tough movements and exercises with ease and flow.

One of my clients, Izzy (who is a sedentary professional) says,

"I workout most days of the week even if it’s just cardio for 20/30 minutes. I have added in the joint mobility, activation, flow, and clubbell strength training into my routine and plan on continuing to use the techniques I learned after the six week cycle. Joint mobility everyday has been a great addition to my day... I feel at ease with movements that were challenging for me in the beginning. I feel confident in joint mobility exercises now, where I was a skeptic before. I feel stronger in ways that are new to me. I think that if I can use the techniques I learned in addition to more “traditional” forms of strength training I will be very strong and powerful."

To learn more about this coaching program and have the opportunity to register for Flow Yo’ Mojo contact Brie@pongopower.com for a free consultation over the phone.

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