You’re Invited! We’re Hosting a Fundraising Party on February 20th!

WHO: You!

WHAT: A Fundraising Party for the non-profit Documentary
THIS MIGHT HURT.  You can watch the trailer, here.

In 2015 our Grand Opening at Pongo Power Flatbush was fabulous.  We'll be hosting a similar type of event this year, with live music, open bar, and comedy to raise money to help the filmmakers Marion Cunningham and Kent Bassett  finish their non-profit film about helping people who suffer from chronic pain.

THIS MIGHT HURT is a feature-length documentary that explores the chronic pain epidemic by following a group of patients as they attempt a last-resort treatment called mind-body medicine.  They undergo an intensive program, led by Doctor Howard Schubiner, which involves confronting the emotional roots of their suffering and making astonishing discoveries about the nature of mind and body.  Through animation and archival footage, the film will also present recent findings in neuroscience and medical research that ask critical questions about what's behind this epidemic of pain.

WHERE: Pongo Power Flatbush, 350 Flatbush Ave, 11238

WHEN: 4 to 7pm, Saturday February 20th

HOW: $30, all money goes to the non-profit making of the film and is tax-deductible.  You bring yourselves! We'll supply the entertainment!

WHY: THIS MIGHT HURT dives into an issue that is vital to our community at Pongo Power and training as a whole: the importance of the Mind-Body Connection.  We all know that exercise helps to relieve pain in the body, and performs the same function as medicine in the body.  It is Pongo Power's mission to help people feel healthy and pain-free. We want to help support this film because we feel that it shares an extremely important message about chronic pain that many people can benefit from.

This subject is very dear to Elizabeth Pongo in particular, as her mother has suffered from chronic pain.  She has had two surgeries and has taken pain-killers on and off again, as a result.  After Elizabeth introduced her mother to the condition of Mind Body Syndrome/Tension Myositis Syndrome as described by Howard Schubiner, her mother began to make great strides in healing through practicing the modalities that are offered on-line.

Additionally, the party will give us an opportunity to socialize with one another outside of our normal sessions, and allow our guests to participate in fun fundraising activities!

While the trailer may give you the impression that the film is done, in fact there is the post-production stage of filmmaking ahead. In order to complete the film, the filmmakers need over $100,000. We share this with you to give you a sense of the challenges faced in attempt to finish the film.

You can find more information on the film at, and also on Facebook and Twitter.  You can even start by making a tax deductible donation, now, if you like! Just click here!

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