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We are located in Park Slope (718) 768-9800 & Prospect Heights (718) 638-7722.

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You and your personal trainer will determine which forms of exercise are most appropriate to achieve your own personal goals.
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Join us for full body workouts that cover all the bases and leave you feeling strong and refreshed! Exercise leads to longevity.
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Pongo Power has two locations: 402 5th Street in Park Slope and 350 Flatbush Ave. between the Slope and Prospect Heights!
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How Pongo Power Supports My Creativity & Passion

Lifestyle is a tremendous part of personal training. As a personal trainer and an athlete, it is vital for my performance to get rest, proper nutrition, and my own exercise and wellness dialed in. For me, an integral part of wellness includes dance. I dedicate one night a week to going out dancing with friends and dance partners. I show up; and whether I’m solo, with a friend, or a group, I know that I will have a good time, and have an avenue to express myself creatively.

Balance Awareness Week

Balance Awareness Week By Judy Jerome   I remember my sister going to the doctor [...]

Pace Matters

Pace Matters When it comes to training for a race, no matter the distance, there’s [...]

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