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Fitness: Designed for you

Science-backed fitness and personalized program design are what we do.

At Pongo Power, we offer the very best available in online training services, including:

  • Personal Training
  • Medical Exercise
  • Pre/Postnatal Training
  • Learn to Lift
  • Kids and Teen Fitness
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Online Courses
Without Pongo Power, I would probably be in a motorized wheelchair.
- Lyn
Everything becomes easier, all day long. I'm not plagued by aches and pains.
- Carol
The trainers have given me the tools I need to use any gym and the confidence to be myself year round. I owe them endlessly. I cannot recommend Pongo Power enough. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
- Vito
I wanted to lose weight and gain muscle tone but had no idea how to do it. The structure of a big corporate gym confused and overwhelmed me. Cue Pongo Power!
- Meghan

Who are we?

We are…

  • Experts in our field
  • All certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine and individually hold over 25+ certifications in various specialties across our team
  • Invested in our clients and creating transformative change with them
  • Believers in true individual strength
  • Mothers, daughters, brothers, fathers… family

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What is our free fitness assessment?

Glad you asked!

Our at-home fitness assessment includes an online movement analysis and video conferencing goal-setting session.

During your free fitness assessment, you will:

  • Review your health history
  • Perform basic movements to assess alignment
  • Discuss which muscles feel tight and which muscles are weak
  • Get recommendations on proper exercises to achieve your goals
  • Learn how to organize your workout space
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