What is “Self Defense”?

You may have seen the recent self defense video from Tech Insider with Gabrielle Rubin. You may have seen the backlash from the MMA, brazilian jiu jitsu, and general martial arts community, about how terrible her self defense ‘expertise’ is. In the video, Rubin makes wild [...]

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Surf as Life Therapy

Surfing can be classified as many things. If it’s competition that entices you, it can certainly be considered a sport with opportunities for big trophies, leaderboards, and paychecks. If scenic travel is more your thing, then surfing can serve as the ultimate tour guide to white [...]

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Three Small New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make a BIG Difference

These simple New Year's resolutions will transform your 2018. Practice Gratitude Take some time out of your busy day to journal things you are grateful for. This fifteen minute practice can have a serious impact on your happiness and health. Multiple studies found that gratitude enhances [...]

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4 Handy Tips & 8 Simple Stretches to Help You Feel Holiday-Ready!

As this past Thanksgiving neared, many clients asked how to handle, and hopefully prevent, the pain and tension associated with the demands of holiday prep. This simple guide is packed with quick and easy exercises that will change your holiday experience! Long periods of standing due to cooking, [...]

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Three Ways to Become a True NYC Ninja

What does it take to be a ninja in New York City?   You might imagine martial artist masters fighting off bad guys with samurai swords, sneaking slyly into spaces, or walking on water. However, you too can be a ninja without the uniform and training. [...]

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Strength Training Linked to Lower Death Rate

  New research analyzed data sourced from a core population sample of 80,306 adults aged 30-years and over. The findings of this large-scale, observational study conclude that those who engaged in strength-building exercises have a 23% lower risk of all-cause death, and a 31-percent lower risk [...]

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