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The Male Pelvic Floor

June is Men’s Health Month. As many organizations turn their attention to the health and wellness of men and boys, we’re using this opportunity to discuss an often sensitive and [...]

Cooking With Kristen

We are so excited to be launching a brand-new experience called Cooking with Kristen! Cooking with Kristen is an online course that will build community through the shared experience of [...]

Deadlifting 101

Perhaps you have heard of the deadlift? It may seem like an exercise reserved for professional athletes, powerlifters, or avid gym goers. However, the deadlift is an underutilized and an [...]

Winter Salad Recipe

Winter Salad This recipe is a great way to use up leftovers from the holidays and utilizeseasonal vegetables. If you are sharing, simply multiply the recipe by thenumber of people enjoying it! [...]


Health is unique to each of us. October 10th, 2019 is World Mental Health Day and Pongo Power is launching our own mental health revolution. We call it, “Embrace the Belly!” Where [...]

Staycation Ideas!

Sometimes the best place to take a vacation is right in your own city! There is something really special about getting to experience your own city as a “tourist”. I am lucky enough to live in [...]